You Are Not Lazy, But Other Salespeople Are

Most people who are sales people are somewhat lazy in observance, however some spend a lot of time strategizing and thinking. As a Founder of a Franchise company I had often been accused by my own Bonzai and Blitz marketing teams of being lazy and sleeping until 11:00 Am or Noon, yet I had stayed up all night until 4:00 Am or 5:00 Am studying maps, making plans and lists of the best possible clients.

In fact in the mornings I would send out our teams at 9:00 Am and go back to sleep for few more hours. They would come back and report their great success and I would congratulate them and smile. Of course in reality I expected results and winning, nothing else was acceptable and if they did not perform we Sheet Canned them.

Then I would go out myself and score the biggest account of the day and several small juicy ones between 3:00 PM and 5: PM. How is this possible? How can someone sleep away half the day and look lazy by observation and yet out perform entire teams of 5-10 sales folks? Well it was simple really, I took all my observations, intuition and experience and used my mind to clearly focus on a specific target. Bingo.

Sales managers need to be the back bone and work twice as hard as the sales people in preparation, strategy and use their knowledge to make it all happen. When in the Ready Room or sales meetings, explain their strategy and focus and send out their sales people to Fu*&^%$# Win! You need to Plan, Decide, Attack and Assess. Dear Sales Managers and Sales People, Stop judging each other and the team and go out there and kick some butt. And I am not blowing smoke. Play to win, I did. Consider this in 2006.