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Photographing Your Pets – 7 Tips for Better Photos

Taking memorable photos of your pets can be a difficult task. There are many professional photographers who focus on just this market and who make quite a profit by doing so. So what chance do us amateurs have? Frequently it can seem as if taking a good photograph of your pet is entirely based upon luck. However, that is not necessarily true. Before you “throw in the towel”–or throw away the camera–take a look at a few tips that may increase your chances of getting great photos of your pet.

1. Take Lots of Photos.

Professional photographers do this. In addition to their obvious skills, they take many photos to increase their chances of getting just the right ones. In this day of digital cameras, don’t be hesitant to take a large number of shots. You don’t need to keep them all. In the process, you might get that one perfect photo.

2. Catch Them in Action.

If Fido loves to fetch, have someone throw a ball or Frisbee and take lots of shots of him playing catch or running after the ball. If your cat tears up the toilet paper take a quick shot off before you clean it up. Often our fondest remembrances of them are the times they misbehaved.

3. Be a Sneak.

It can be a challenge to sneak up on your pet but it often leads to some great photos. Just capturing shots of your pets being themselves can result in your best photos of them. Even taking a shot of your cat or dog sleeping, especially if they are draped over the furniture or snoozing in a funny position, will provide memories.

4. Capture Favorite Tricks.

I know you have favorite tricks you like to see your pet perform–for you and for others. While some of these tricks might require sound and/or motion to capture just imagine having a photo of Fido sitting up or caching a jump in midair.

5. Reward to Maintain Interest.

In line with the precious tip, be ready to show your pets that paying attention is in their best interest. Be equipped with lots of their favorite treats or they will probably lose interest quickly. Treats can come in handy for getting your pets attention to look the right direction and they will also serve as a nice reward.

6. Get Down to Their Level.

One of the leading mistakes many owners make when photographing their pets is not taking photos from their pets’ perspective. Kneel or lay down to get the best angle on your pet. This is the best method of causing them to naturally fill out the photo frame. This angle will also more accurately represent their appearance.

7. Be Patient.

Above everything else patience is key in photographing pets. Without it, the other tips will not be helpful. Your pet isn’t going to comprehend what you’re attempting to do but if you remain patient your pet will detect the difference. Pets can sense your emotional condition instantly. If you get frustrated, they will, too. If you begin to feel frustration just take a break and come back later to try again.

Keep the memory of your pets fresh and alive in your mind by photographing them frequently along with the human members of your family. A little time spent today will provide fond memories tomorrow.